Audiovisual Ethnomusicology Workshop


8.5.2019 13:00 - 28.5.2019 17:00


Maçka Yerleşkesi, Maçka Kampüsü

Etkinlik Kategorisi


AUDIOVISUAL ETHNOMUSICOLOGY WORKSHOP with Robert O. Beahrs and Laçin Şahin This two-day workshop explores audiovisual methods used in ethnomusicology with an emphasis on the history, practices, aesthetics, and ethics of making ethnographic video essays and multimedia work. The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with a theoretical and practical background in audiovisual communication drawing on the disciplines of visual anthropology, ethnomusicology, and media studies. Participants are encouraged to bring their own video cameras, smartphones, and/or laptops with video editing software installed in order to take advantage of the audiovisual practicum and produce a short video essay related to their fieldwork by the end of the workshop. DAY 1: May 8th, 13:00-16:00 Part I. VIDEO ESSAY SCREENING Nonhuman Attunements: Tethering Foals and Praising Masters of the Altai Mountains in Mongolia a video essay by Robert O. Beahrs and Victoria Soyan Peemot Part II. AUDIOVISUAL ETHNOMUSICOLOGY: An Introduction Part III. ETHNOGRAPHIC FIELD RECORDING presented with Laçin Şahin Part IV. RESEARCH ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION DAY 2: May 28th 13:00-17:00 Part V. VIDEO ESSAY AS COMMUNICATION FORMAT Part VI. VIDEO EDITING PRACTICUM presented with Laçin Şahin Part VII. PUBLISHING AUDIOVISUAL WORK